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  Bannatyne & Market Spur Line (North)

Bannatyne & Market Spur Line (North)

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Winnipeg Transfer Railway

The Winnipeg Transfer Railway was one of the main development catalysts for the eastern side of Main Street. In 1890, a line connecting the Northern Pacific and Manitoba railways was constructed at the fork of the Red and Assiniboine rivers. The line followed the Red River north, eventually connecting with the Canadian Pacific Railway a quarter mile east of Main. In 1895, James Ashdown successfully negotiated the construction of spur lines off the main transfer railway. Two lines were constructed. One, between Bannatyne and Market, and the other, between Market and James. The purpose was to serve the wholesale community and make the shipping and handling of goods easier. Most of the large warehouse buildings in the area back onto the spur lines. In 1987, the City of Winnipeg acquired the spur lines and built a road in their place.