Ghost Signs

  281 McDermot Avenue (North)

281 McDermot Avenue (North)

  Ghost Sign Transcribed:
  • LTD
  • -----

Stobart, Sons and Company

Stobart, Sons and Company was founded in 1899 as a wholesale dry goods operation by English coal merchant D.W. Stobart. In 1903, Stobart branched out from dry goods and moved into manufacturing. He trademarked “No. 1 Hard” as own brand of overalls and work shirts and, needing more space to support his growing wholesale business, built a storage warehouse on the corner of McDemot and King. The second floor contained woolen goods and home furnishings, the third floor contained small wears and women’s clothing and the fourth floor contained men’s clothing. The top floor contained a sales sample room. As prairies cities grew, an adverse trend emerged in the wholesale scene. Mail order houses began to pop up, which were able to offer lower prices due to all merchandise being housed in the same location. In 1914, Stobart opened his own mail order business called the Christie Grant Company, which operated until 1922. Eventually, the company became Stobart, Sons and Company, operating in Winnipeg until 1939.