Ghost Signs

  168 Bannatyne Avenue (South)

168 Bannatyne Avenue (South)

  Ghost Sign Transcribed:
  • Chatfield
  • "the orient"
  • antiques

Franklin Press

The Franklin Press Printing Company was founded in 1900 as a printer and publisher. They provided stationery, book binding services and office supply to the general public. They built 168 Bannatyne in 1904 to support their growing business. However, with competition from 80 local printing companies, the business shut its doors in 1926.

Empire Wholesale

In 1927, the 168 Bannatyne was taken over by Empire Wholesale, a tobacconist and confectionery wholesaler. Empire used the lower two floors of the building and a plumbing company leased the top floor.

Chatfield Distributors

Chatfield Distributors was a manufacturers’ agent and importer, specializing in Oriental products. They moved into 168 Bannatyne in 1967.